Authentic Manhood South Africa

Who are the Authentic Men of South Africa?  Is it the sportsmen, the politicians of influence, the celebrities, the faith leaders or the man in the street? 
Not likely, but they could be! The Authentic Manhood courses, which is part of the 33 Series is designed to help men from all walks of life live an authentic life.
Authentic Manhood principles bind men, their families, their communities, their cities and indeed the nation of South Africa into a massively positive and honorable force of influence.
We offer the Authentic Manhood courses in a trusted non-denominational environment. 
We want to reverse the negative trends (crime, corruption, violence, rape.....) in society and return South Africa to a God fearing nation.


A country transformed by the positive impact and influence of regular men who have decided to follow and practice the values and principles of Authentic Manhood.


Our mission is to serve by facilitating the 33 Series on Authentic Manhood to as many men as possible across all walks of life in order to re-establish robust family units, caring and effective communities and that elect leaders based on their integrity, underpinning a God-fearing nation.